Dr Claire Lodge

I am a recent graduate from the University of Johannesburg and I feel that I never want to stop learning. After studying chiropractic for 6 years I realised that I have the power of living my passion of helping people by helping their bodies heal. I will continue to learn and develop my philosophy of chiropractic and improve my skills in order to help my patients in the best ways possible.

I was born in Joburg and have lived there all my life. Moving down to Cape Town was a big jump but it has been well worth it. I love doing things in the outdoors such as hiking, cycling and regular visits to the beach. I have made a deal with myself and my fiance’, James, that once a week we will take a dive in the bitterly cold water; and thanks to the Wim Hof method we haven’t missed one week.

Working at Longbeach Chiropractic and Wellness Centre with Dr Peter Solomon and the rest of the team has allowed me to continue my search for knowledge. I enjoy the work dynamic and patient centred approach that we have here and will strive to keep getting better.