Nebulize yourself out of this mess

By April 20, 2020Treatments

Have a nebulizer lying around or know someone that does? Get your hands on it and equip yourself with one of the most effective tools to deliver anti-virals exactly where they’re needed… in the lungs.

When I wrote the first few Covid blogs I wrote about using vitamins A, C, D, and iodine not only to support the immune system but also to treat viral infections. All this in combination with a healthy diet is key and we should all be doing this right now if staying Covid free is your goal.  The importance of using intravenous nutrient therapy, especially vitamin C is another secret weapon. Taking it orally is good, but honestly the dosage needed to get the required outcome without causing a runny tummy makes intravenous vit-C a lot more effective (if you can afford or find this service), otherwise 10000mg/day orally is what you need to aim for.  I also suggest that, with corona virus, it would be wise not to get a flu vaccine since the flu vaccine has been shown to significantly increase the risk of corona virus and other flu-like viral infections.

Like most holistic therapies, the earlier they are started in a disease process the better they perform. At the first sign of a viral illness (Covid-19 or otherwise) I encourage my patients to start a protocol of vitamins A, C, D and Iodine. 

As an added extra, especially in the current situation, I’d also recommend starting to nebulize hydrogen peroxide and iodine as early into the illness as possible.

**Disclaimer: HOWEVER, nebulizing should only be used under the advice of a health care practitioner.  Do not nebulize anything on your own.  Anything can be harmful, both natural items and synthetic drugs.  Nebulizers should not be used without medical supervision.

With that disclaimer in place, I can say that many people nebulize on their own without incident. It’s not rocket-science, follow the steps and you’ll soon see how easy and effective this procedure really is.

Hydrogen peroxide nebulizing:  A bag of sterile normal saline, food-grade diluted hydrogen peroxide (food grade 35% diluted to 3%). To dilute 35% down to 3%, just mix 10ml of the saline and 1ml of the 35% Hydrogen peroxide = 11ml, take 3ml of this and use this to nebulize. For active patients, add a 1-2 drops of 5% Lugol’s iodine to the mixture. (Note: Only for active patients).

There are about 80 treatments in the bag. Once mixed in the bag, since it is sterile, it can be used for a few months if kept in the refrigerator.

Iodine Nebulizing:  Add 1-2 drops of Lugol’s 5% solution to 3ml of normal saline (0.9% saline).  Normal saline can be purchased at a pharmacy.  If you only have Lugol’s 2% solution, you can use 2-4 drops in 3ml of normal saline.

Nebulize 3-5 times per day if sick and 1-2 times per day if using it as a preventative.

In the future, hopefully we can focus more on supporting the host rather than the conventional medicine’s approach of killing the organism. Not a slam on conventional medicine, but right now there is no conventional medicine cure, there is no vaccine or any other conventional therapy that is successful at destroying COVID-19 so we need to make sure we as the hosts to this virus are as strong as we can be.

I can guarantee that in the future, there will be outbreaks of other infectious illnesses that conventional medicine has no treatment to offer.  Instead of waiting for the magic bullet from conventional medicine, it is better to be prepared and have your body ready to fight back. Learning these techniques now will help you now AND when this happens again… because it will.

If all of this is over your head and mixing saline and hydrogen peroxide etc. is just too much for you then find a holistic doctor that understands these protocols who can assist you in helping boost your immune system now and forever.

Just remember, conventional medicine often works by blocking receptors and playing tricks on your body’s normal way of working. Now is not the time to be messing with your body’s internal workings. Right now your body needs to work as intended with as little ‘poison’ in the system as possible. Remove as much artificial stuff from your diet and stay away from conventional meds as much as possible. Not always easy for people on chronic meds, but do what you can… and take your vitamins if nothing else!

Stay healthy

Dr. Peter Solomon

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