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By March 30, 2020Awareness

What is COVID-19?

CO: This tells us it’s a Covid type influenza virus
VI: Tells us it’s a Virus
D: Tells us it’s a disease
19: Tells us it was first discovered in 2019

Yes, it’s an influenza virus, BUT don’t be fooled. This Covid-19 virus is a LOT more serious than the regular flu. Partly because it is more contagious, but also because of the mechanism of action and the damage that is done in the body once the Covid-19 DNA and RNA interact with ours. Yes, some people don’t seem to get that hard hit by it … there are several strains of the virus so maybe this is partly the reason. The other reasons are more than likely due to the patient’s innate ability to overcome a foreign intruder aka The Immune System. This is really the only thing we can control if we want to get through this in one piece.

The Immune System is directly influenced by what you eat, drink, think, how much you sleep and your stress levels. You CAN control all of these things. I’ve spoken about the supplements in previous blogs and by now you probably have a good idea about what to be taking. Vit A, C, D, probiotics, Iodine and Salt/Electrolytes. One other very helpful supplement that is proving very effective is Reishi mushroom extract. If you smoke, STOP. Smoking increases the binding sites for Covid-19 (so does Ibuprofen/ Neurofen). Eating refined sugar? STOP! Refined sugar retards the white blood cells (your first line of defence). White blood cells stick to the surface of the Covid-19 virus to basically “suffocate” it and not allow it to bind to our cells. Smoking and eating refined sugar, you might as well be licking a handrail at the mall.

Fact, the world will not be the same again. Much like after 911, we came to grips with a new reality, this will be no different. No matter your religious or Spiritual belief system we are in the midst of something truly significant. Many people will die, but most of us will go on…it’s how we decide to “go on” (individually and collectively) that will frame and determine how our future looks.

If you’re concerned about the current situation (if we’re honest, I think we all are), watch this video by biologist Bruce H. Lipton … one of my favourite speakers, reframing our current reality. Take into consideration this talk was filmed in 2016.

We all like pop-culture sayings like “be the change you want to see in the world” and often share posts like this on social media. I think the time has now come to put your money where your mouth is because being the change isn’t as easy as it is to cut and paste a feel-good phrase on Facebook. We’re in this problem because our supply chains have been disrupted. Supply chains from CHINA and wherever else our stuff comes from. Imagine if we didn’t rely on those supply chains? We should be buying local, eating seasonal fruit and veg. If you eat meat, eat grass fed/pasture reared meat. Don’t eat factory grown meat. Animals that live on concrete floors and stuffed into small pens is not ethical and that unethical meat is diseased and will create disease in your body…the same applies to fruit and veg. Take your flippin vitamins! Even if it’s just a multivitamin, TAKE THEM! They work. If you’re still under the impression that they do nothing then good luck to you.

Be the change, is the only way to bring back the balance to our world. We’re in this mess because of greed, greed for higher margins and bigger profits. Margins on clothing manufacturing weren’t as good as what we could get in CHINA so the clothing trade in the Western Cape disappeared and outsourced to cheap Chinese factories. Who were those high profit margins benefiting anyway? Not the workers I can assure you of that. Changing/Evolving this world (if you watched the above link) starts with you and me. Take charge of your health and take care of your community. This is your opportunity to be a better human. Eat better food, exercise, meditate (or pray for those of you who don’t like the word meditation), be kind to nature, grow your own food, eat less, drink more water, get connected with family, get connected with nature and give more. This is our time to shine.

Stay healthy … it’s a mindset

Dr. Peter Solomon

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