You Dirty Bastard

By May 12, 2020Awareness

Dirt is good, bugs make you healthy and feces could save your life! Say what?

A fecal transplant puts stool full of healthy bacteria into your colon. When you have enough good bacteria in your gut, the bad bacteria that cause disease are held in check. Antibiotics can wipe out the bacteria that make you sick, but they can also wipe out the bacteria that make you healthy. I wish I had this knowledge as a kid, I’m sure it would have gotten me out of washing my hands before dinner and all those hidings with the wooden spoon! Your specific Microbiome is very important to the viability of your life and the timeliness of your death. I read some interesting research a few months back that blew my mind. I’ll try a nutshell explanation: Bacteria in and on your body is responsible for every function you perform… even your thoughts. Bacteria are involved in every process and influence everything you do just by their mere presence. If you had different populations of different strains of bacteria you’d be a different person: think differently, smell differently, the works! One other thing bacteria do (this is a bit freaky) is, when they realise (through hormone level changes and other bio data) that you/we are no longer reproductive and no longer able to contribute to the continuation of our species, they trigger your specific disease genes to initiate/express the specific diseases encoded on that gene. So basically, bacteria keep us alive and when we’re no longer beneficial, they kill us. 

Living on planet earth for the past few thousand or million years (depending on your specific belief system) we as humans have developed a very interesting relationship with all the creepy crawlies that share this space with us… including viruses by the way. Not all viruses are detrimental to human health. In fact, some viruses have beneficial properties for their hosts in a symbiotic relationship. Like everything in life, the key to these beneficial relationships is Balance.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could inject a bit of Balance into the heads of the people making up the absolutely asinine regulations surrounding the Covid-19 debacle? I’m sure we’re all aware by now that the regulations have nothing to do with slowing down the spread or “flattening the curve”, but rather about Monetising the current situation. “Never let a good crisis go to waste”… as said by whoever it was. I think the politicians running the circus are heeding these words and milking this “Plandemic” for all it’s worth.

We need bacteria and viral contact to build and maintain our individual immune systems.

Repeatedly washing hands and/or wearing gloves will make you sick by lowering your immune system.

Lower individual immunity = lower heard immunity = sickness.

Wearing a fabric mask will do little to nothing against CV other than lowering your immune system.

Covid-19 is 0.125 microns in size. Fabric masks have gaps of 0.3-0.9 microns (doesn’t matter if you have 3 layers or 33 layers). You might as well be wearing fish net stockings on your face… unless of course someone sneezes directly on you in which case you should probably wash the affected area after punching that individual in the face… remember to wash your fist after that too.

The size of Covid-19 make it almost impossible for it to “land” on you. If anything you are more likely to have it on the soles of your shoes than anywhere else on your body, so if you’re going to wash something wash your shoes.

Human contact like hugs (I miss those and I’m not even a hugger) and handshakes are essential for the development of your immune system. Changing my son’s poo nappies is also essential to building my immune system as much as working in the garden, in the compost heap, in the worm farm and sweating on my Jiu Jitsu partner while he tries to rip my head off. All of these things are essential for health and connection. We need to do these activities if we want to be healthy humans. Why then have we been told to stop doing them?! I’ve got my answers but most of them include names like Dr. Fauci and his partners at the WHO so according to the current internet laws I’m not allowed to share my views. Long live freedom of speech.

Touching people is good (as long as it’s consensual) and age appropriate 😊. Touching dead people is also a good thing… their microbiome is looking for a new host… kinda makes you think about those traditions that keep the dead in the house and perform ceremonial washing and preparation for burial for several days, probably something to it after all. Studies of the microbiome suggest that certain strains follow family lines, more specifically the mother’s line. Natural birth = baby inoculated with mom’s bacteria first then the rest of the family and then with the bacteria from the environment in and around the residence. Mess with our bugs and you mess with our immunity, mess with our immunity and we die.

The lock-down and lack of connection created by no-touch and ridiculous face mask policies making it difficult to hear what people are saying and read their facial expressions is disconnecting us as a species more than any smart phone or widget ever has. We need touch.

Yeah! Come on, come on, come on, come on
Now touch me, babe
Can’t you see that I am not afraid?

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay sane.

Dr. Peter Solomon

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  • Clare says:

    Best one I’ve read yet 🙂 – completely 100 % agree , people are overly hysterical about “sterilising” their world to their own detriment and their children’s. Anybody who understands the basics of how immunity works – should understand that healthy exposure to Microbiome is essential for our immune systems to recognise , identify and build immunity… or maybe I just liked the Doors reference 🙂

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